Fashion Eyewear

Selecting the Right Brands and Styles

optician selecting eyeglass frames in NorthridgeChoosing frames is more than choosing a designer name. Today’s eyeglass frames are made from a variety of materials, come in hundreds of shapes, and offer many unique features. This makes your decision more complex, but our trained opticians help you choose frames that best suit your lifestyle.

There are many factors that contribute to the price of a frame. Differences in materials, color, craftsmanship, country of origin, quality testing and design all effect the price.

We carry eyeglass frames from designers such as Garrett Leight, Oakely, Calvin Klein, Oliver Peoples, Gucci, Liz Claiborne, and over 50 other brands. Our opticians have many years of experience in the fashion eyewear industry and can assist in your selection.

We have an extensive collection of sports and recreation eyewear including Rec Specs for children and adults, as well as ski goggles and shields that have prescription adapters hidden behind the lenses. Our opticians provide eyewear to many of the television shows, live theater and movies that are produced in the Burbank Media District.

StudioEyes Optometry has thousands of frames and sunglass choices. We carry top brands and models that stay current with eyewear fashion trends. See more about brands we carry.

Designer Eyewear