Contact Lens Fitting

Contact lenses can be a fun and convenient alternative to wearing glasses. Depending on your prescription and your activities, we will make recommendations on which contact lenses will work best for you. Our eye doctors have many years of experience with fitting a variety of contact lenses, including:

special effects contact lenses

• Soft disposables and planned replacement lenses
• Rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses
• Astigmatism correcting lenses
• Multi-focal & Bifocal lenses
• Cosmetic & Color enhancing lenses

We have also been very successful in fitting people who require specialty contact lenses. With new developments in contact lens technology, we’re able to fit a wide range of new contact lens patients as well as patients who no longer wear contacts due to poor comfort, inadequate vision, or dryness.

The contact lens industry has developed a new lens material called silicone hydrogels that provides increased transmission of oxygen to the eyes, resulting in healthier eyes with better comfort and vision throughout the day. Since these new lenses provide more oxygen to the eyes, patients now have the option of daily wear or extended wear.

**For more information regarding contact lenses, please call our office or ask your eye doctor during your scheduled eye examination.

Order Contact Lenses

We stock a wide selection of contact lenses from the highest quality makers at competitive prices. You can get professionally fitted with lenses that truly fit your lifestyle and pick up your supply from our office or have them delivered straight to your home or office. Learn more about contact lenses we carry at StudioEyes. Call us toll-free (888) 341-2020.