Sports Vision

top sports performance means seeing clearly

Sports Vision services provide consultation, evaluation and treatment for athletes of every level. Examinations and services provided integrate all aspects of the visual system that is crucial for peak sports performance.

• Peripheral vision
• Depth perception
• Color vision
• Eye tracking
• Accommodation or focusing system

We can incorporate eyeglass prescriptions into sports sunglasses (running/jogging, tennis or golf) and goggles (basketball, baseball, football, swimming or skiing). Our most popular protective eyewear includes the wide of Rec Specs® from Liberty Sport.

Contact lenses are also another great option for those who enjoy an active athletic lifestyle. Learn more about contact lenses.

World Class Athletics

StudioEyes doctors have supported the vision needs of world class professional and amateur athletes for decades to provide contact lenses and specialized eyeglass services.  The same care and attention that our doctors have served the field of Sports Vision is available to our patients, of all athletic abilities and diversity of sports..

Can you see your way to victory?
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